About this site

Welcome! I Choose Good Health website has been created to share what I have learned in my own journey back to good health and assist others to make better choices for a healthier life.

My Story

My name is Trevor Parish. When I was younger, I was totally passionate about outdoor pursuits. I loved to climb mountains, bush walk, snow ski and ride long distances on my bicycle – I was always planning the next adventure.

All of that changed suddenly in early 2001 when a dose of the flu forced me to bed for a few days. Unfortunately, those few days ended up turning into weeks, months and eventually years of struggle with exhaustion, severe headaches, constant pain all over my body and chronic inability to stay warm. I could not walk further than 20 metres to the street corner and back without collapsing from exhaustion. Although I was sleeping around 18 hours a day, I never felt rested.

After submitting to many medical tests and treatments, including a long list of alternate therapies, nothing made a difference. It didn’t matter how ridiculous the treatment sounded, I was desperate enough to give it a try in case that was the missing link.

Eventually, after about 18 months, the official diagnosis was deemed Post Viral Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and the future looked bleak with no cure available.

I was devastated and fell into despair. The lack of medical research and information around CFS at the time meant the condition was at best misunderstood, and at worst, sufferers were told that it was “all in their head”. It is still a very misunderstood condition, but at least awareness is much greater these days.

In the depths of depression, eventually I gave up hope that I would ever again be the fit and active person I had been. I was acutely aware that I was missing so much in the busy lives of my daughter and son, who were twelve and eight years old when I fell ill. Sadly, I was no longer the Dad who took them climbing, camping and rollerblading. I was now the person who slept all the time, and when awake, could just sit around wrapped up in blankets and doona trying to stay warm.

Stronger anti-depressants seemed to be the medical profession’s best answer. I gained a lot of weight during this time as I was unable to do any exercise and my metabolism was running at a low level.

Looking for an answer

During these years, I started reading widely on people’s personal experiences of ill health, what contributed to their various levels of recovery and researching the work of many dedicated health practitioners around the world.

I became convinced that the food we eat on a consistent basis has a huge impact on our health; that we need to minimise harm from our environment wherever possible, and to continually learn to master our thoughts and emotions to achieve a positive mental outlook.

It’s now 15 years since I first became ill. I have given up trying to find a “cure” for CFS and instead live my life in the healthiest way possible. One of my proudest achievements and dearest memories is completing the trek to Everest Base Camp and back with my extraordinary daughter in 2014.


My own research has led me to believe that the foundation of good health is:
– eating a mostly plant-based diet of whole foods
– complete nutrition topped up with quality supplements
– plenty of clean filtered water
– regular doses of sunshine and moderate exercise
– a positive mental outlook.

I love sharing the knowledge I have gained from many brilliant people across so many fields who are all striving to help people improve their health and nutrition to make a positive difference in their lives.

It is my goal to assist people to be more mindful about what they are eating, where that food comes from, how it has been prepared, packaged or cooked and how it might affect them and their families in both the short and long term.

My passions are continual learning, reading, movies, travel and a fledgling new interest in growing herbs and vegetables.

I am fortunate to live in Melbourne, Australia, one of the most liveable cities in the world, with my wife Karen and our two children when they are home from their own travel adventures.

I wish you all the best on your own journey to good health,
Trevor Parish