5 key principles for happiness

Happiness isn’t something you need to chase after. All it takes is for you to choose – it just takes a little practice. Here are 5 key principles according to George Howard.

1. Gratitude

Gratitude is a big part of creating your happiness SIMPLY BY BECOMING GRATEFUL, HAPPINESS WILL BE YOURS. Can you be more grateful of each moment that is given to you? Stop every now and again and be grateful for what you have, what you are doing, or simply just for being or existing in this moment. Grateful people are happy people.

2. Acceptance

Acceptance of what is simply means accepting things that are beyond your control, those things you can’t change then and there, no matter how much you think about it and worry. If you have a problem or something bothering you and in that moment you can’t do anything about it, then simply start accepting it for what it is. This will free you of your worries and let you fall into happiness.

3. Passion

Chase your dreams and make your passions a large part of your life. What is it you love doing? It can be anything as long you are passionate about it and love doing it, you will create happiness in your life. The people around you will feel it, you will inspire through your work.

4. Love

Spread love and happiness everywhere you go. Showing appreciation for people and things, being grateful, being kind, expressing your desires are all part of loving fully. Through love you will spread a powerful energy, by spreading happiness to other people and loving fully happiness will bounce back to you in double doses.

5. Meditation (being present and aware)

Meditation means being present and aware. It means being the “watcher” of your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. Practice meditation for a calm, relaxed and clear mind. Set aside time each day, and do absolutely nothing. Just simply be as you are. Watch everything, watch your thoughts come and go. Accept them without judgement and relax into nothingness.

We all know these can create happiness as we have all experienced each of these throughout our lives – simply practice each of them throughout your day.

Source: George Howard Inspire